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Must Read: The Circle

Good afternoon Earthlings! I just finished reading a book called The Circle by Dave Eggers. I couldn’t help but review The Circle, because it was THAT good. Now before I tell you anything about the book, (because I know not all of you are avid book readers) later on this year a feature film based on The Circle will be released. According to studio production in Hollywood, the film is set for release in late April, and here’s the kicker the stars of the movie are Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. So, with that being said you already know this story has to be incredible if Emma and Tom signed on to the project!

The book takes place in the not so far future from today. Society has turned to social networks to provide solutions to life’s problems. Currency, photos, products, and human behavior have totally been taken over by The Circle. The Circle is the Social Network that absorbed all of the networks we use and love today. We learn that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and a few other made up companies were taken by The Circle. The book starts out as a Millennial’s utopia, but we all know utopian societies only last for so long…

The original creator of The Circle is named Ty. He is your typical hacker type who prefers baggy hoodies and privacy to designer duds and fancy parties. Of course some shut-in can’t run the world’s largest company by himself. We are then introduced to Bailey and Stenton; the two men that complete “The 3 Wise Men” including Ty. Bailey is a family man whose belief in transparency and information sharing is the main ideal that constructs The Circle. Stenton is your run of the mill corporate shark billionaire, who has very little emotion but what seems to be endless amounts of power.

As I read The Circle the themes of transparency, information sharing, and corporate greed translate perfectly into the world we live in today. This story is relatable and eerily mimics a lot of the things we fear most today. The Circle shows how hard it is for people in their 20’s to find jobs, forge relationships organically, and really uncovers how social pressures can leave permanent scars on humanity. I think The Circle is relevant today more than any other dystopian novel I have read in the past year. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say this book has you on edge from start to finish. I completed all of its 497 pages in 48 hours, the themes wrap you up in such a way that the story does not let you put it down. I felt like after reading The Circle maybe social media is going to far…or maybe further is what we need. The book leaves you contemplating so many different emotions, and to me that is the proof of perfection. If I have finished a book but for days after I am still mulling over the story and all of its different possibilities, that’s when I know a book is great. I highly reccomend The Circle to anyone and everyone! It explores things that people of all ages can appreciate. It might open your eyes to certain ideas we are being exposed to now as citizens of the world that you didn’t realize before reading The Circle.


The Cursed Child; And The Unsatisfied Potterhead

Harry Potter is a huge part of my life as most of my readers know. I always credit J.K. Rowling and her Wizarding World with the kind of adult I have become. The books played such a big role in my adolescence, when I had trouble making  friends of my own, Harry and his gang were always there. Harry Potter was a guide for 11 year old Alexis Lee, being an introverted only child who was sporadically picked on Harry Potter was my escape. All of the lessons I ever needed to learn on how to be a good person I found within the bindings of the Harry Potter series. So, naturally when I heard the Cursed Child was due out I ordered it on pre-sale a year prior to its release. And for one entire year I guessed and dreamed what this installation would hold for 26 year old Alexis Lee. I diligently didn’t read any spoilers or give into any sneak peeks. When I am serious about a book series, I like all of my judgements to come from my own opinions and try my very best to not let outside variables effect my thoughts. So now that I have finished The Cursed Child I would like to share my personal thoughts with my fellow Potterheads.

The Cursed Child seemed like to many cooks were in the kitchen during its creation. As most of you know The Cursed Child is a live action play, with that being said J.K. was not the only writer on the project. I understand that J.K. is a novelist and she needed extra help transforming her vision into a theatrical production, but with help came outside influences that I don’t think helped the story. J.K. has a very distinct voice and tone that lives within her printed words, and as I read The Cursed Child it just felt like I was drinking Diet Butter Beer instead of the real stuff. J.K.’s whimsy and magic was diluted by other outside influences and what I think to be the pressure to make this into a play.

The Cursed Child should have been another Harry Potter installation. I won’t get into spoilers or story specifics, but this script deserves to be its own book. There are a couple of new characters introduced and a few new specific story lines. I personally feel  these characters stories were rushed to being able to condense J.K.’s amazing vision into a very short two part play. The base of the story is perfect, the ingredients are whole, but the execution of the script is very rushed and leaves the curious reader with too many unanswered questions. I feel like reading The Cursed Child was like watching a truly gifted baker bake the most delicious chocolate cake you have ever seen but when it was all finished you were only able to have a bite and the rest was thrown away. This book just left me starving for more Wizarding World answers to so many open questions that were posed while reading the text. The Cursed Child in all is like reading professionally written fan fiction. I still recommend the book to any Potterhead and lover of life lessons, but if you are a hardcore fan just know The Cursed Child will leave you wanting more…

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