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Why We All Need To Experience The Santa Clarita Diet

Monday’s…ugh; I mean especially ugh when it’s the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. But, I have something to make all of you hungover Earthlings excited to get home from work today. The Super Bowl was not the only great thing to grace our televisions this past weekend, The Santa Clarita Diet also premiered. I expect after you all read this review you’ll be racing home to begin Episode 1 Season 1 of The Santa Clarita Diet. I took it upon myself to binge watch the entire first season on Saturday night, so you guys didn’t have to. I’ve been getting a TON of positive feedback from my recent reviews on books, movies, and shows. I thought I would get  jump on The Santa Clarita Diet and review it for all of you so you don’t have woof the whole thing down in one shot.

First of all Netflix went above and beyond to promote The Santa Clarita Diet. I’m totally digging on them selling the show as a real life diet. Netflix sent Green Juice cups advertising The Santa Clarita Diet to a ton of social media influencers, the influencers posted themselves working out with their cups all over the internet. The ingenious marketing ploy made us all believe that there was some new hot diet we all needed to try, when in reality Netflix was selling us a Zombie Comedy. If that isn’t brilliant marketing than I don’t know what is, any show that can create that type of buzz before airing is something I am interested in.

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant make one of the best on screen campy couples that I have seen in a long time. They have great comedic timing and have us all believing that maybe they really are married. They spear head a witty and well versed ensemble cast, that just completes the whole picture. The show gives me super reminiscent vibes of our dearly departed Weeds. Both shows take place in suburban Southern California, and both shows encapsulate just how hard it is to be a housewife and have a HUGE secret. Weeds and The Santa Clarita Diet both know exactly how to balance comedy with serious story lines. In the case of The Santa Clarita Diet, we are laughing out loud even though Drew Barrymore is eating her neighbors alive.

Drew Barrymore seems to almost be playing herself, The Santa Clarita Diet makes us all think that maybe Drew is a flesh eating residential real estate broker in real life. It’s hard for women to deliver a decent dick and fart joke, but Drew makes it look so natural in The Santa Clarita Diet just like she has in 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. She also has a way of making a working mom seem whimsical, like maybe I wouldn’t mind befriending this mom zombie. Timothy Oliphant is one hundred percent hitting his mark at playing the cool dad. Between his secret pot smoking, and constant reminiscing on his high school quarter back days; we all have a general empathy for his character. But he doesn’t remain a peaked out high school wash up, we get to watch his character develop strength and a huge set of nuts as the first season progresses.

The only thing I’m upset about when it comes to The Santa Clarita Diet is that I have to wait a year for season 2. It definitely will fill a huge void for any fans of Weeds, but also has forged its own path. Gore and comedy are woven together so well in The Santa Clarita Diet, and I think it has carved its own special niche in television. It will be exciting to see up coming shows that will try the recipe The Santa Clarita Diet has followed. I will honestly say they have taken a difficult task and knocked the ball so far out of the park, I don’t think it can be found again.


My Top 5 Bingeworthy Holiday Break Watch List

Good afternoon Earthlings!!! I hope everyone is all done with their last minute holiday shopping (to those of you who aren’t, get to steppin)! As we hit hump day, I’m sure you guy’s are counting down the seconds till a nice break from work. When the holidays come around I find that even with all of the hectic plans and parties I still have a lot of down time. And as all of my loyal readers know I am a huge “Netflix Binging Buff”, so I thought I would share with everyone my Top 5 Bingeworthy Holiday Break Watch List. Since I am only giving you guy’s five different series to binge on during your holiday downtime, I made sure to select them very carefully. So, with no further ado I give you:

My Top 5 Bingeworthy Holiday Break Watch List 

5. The Walking Dead
After a long time of refusing to give into the Zombie hype, I have officially one hundred percent caved. I didn’t just go full balls to the wall into The Walking Dead. I started with a couple of very high acclaimed zombie novels (The Girl With The Gifts and Znation, I reccomend both highly). After really digging the whole epidemic concept and being semi obsessed with the survivalist mentality I decided it was time to go to Mecca and get into The Walking Dead. I had enough of imagining scenarios played out with only text to help paint the picture of a Zombie apocalypse, so I was very excited to start the series. Let me tell you, the Netflix rating of 5 stars does not lie when it comes to The Walking Dead. A part from being uncomfortably realistic and making this whole Zombie Apocalypse seem totally plausible in reality, the casting is absolutely perfection. The show enables you to separate the humanity from the raw necessity of survival. I think everyone who loves gore, guts, and glory should give The Walking Dead a try. Just a note to future viewers, I don’t reccomend watching The Walking Dead stoned at night alone in your room….you have been warned.

4. Mad Men
Alas, a show that is absolutely stylistically perfect. Mad Men is an eagle eye’s view into a predominately male driven Ad agency in the 1960’s. The dialogue is thoughtful, the outfits are impeccable, and the cast always leaves you wanting more. From the natural swag of John Hamm to the quick macho wit of John Slattery, the strong male influence of the cast is enthralling. But, with that being said January Jones, Elizabeth Moss, and Christina Hendricks make you so proud to be a woman. The show gives a great example of how women began chipping away at the corporate glass ceiling. The entire series is difficult to stop watching once you have seen the first episode, which to me is the most important binge requirement. I can promise that after watching Mad Men you’ll have a taste for expensive Scotch and a hankering for a Lucky Strike.

3. Sons Of Anarchy
Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or you couldn’t tell a unicycle from a Harley I can bet that you will still love Sons of Anarchy. This gritty drama about a small town run by a violent, drug dealing, fire arm selling, prostitute pimping biker gang. Now if that one line didn’t get you interested then you should just leave this page now. Sons of Anarchy to say the least is an emotional roller coaster of a series. With no drought of the most nauseating Oedipus Complex in the history of the FX Network. A huge draw and added plus for watching Sons of Anarchy was the amount of times in 7 seasons I got to see Charlie Hunnam’s bare ass (c’mon you know you wanna see it). All in all if you like action, iffy facial hair, and greasy biker drama than pour yourself a beer, twist something proper up and tune in to Sons of Anarchy.

2. Stranger Things
One episode was all it took…This is by far the best ever Netflix created show. Yes, I understand only one season has been released as of now but, it’s time to watch in preparation for season 2. If you are into 80’s nostalgia, friendship, Sci-fi, and wonder than ladies and gentlemen Stranger Things is a gold mine. The cast of kids in this show, is the absolute ultimate theme for any squad goals you would ever want to achieve. The soundtrack is the most perfect television soundtrack my ears have EVER been introduced to. But, out of anything else the theme of friendship that runs through the core of this show is what makes it so addicting. Stranger Things makes us all remember that we are never alone, that no matter what happens there is someone out there who loves you. The Sci-fi element is also so brilliantly braided into the plot, it almost makes you feel like you are living the adventure. If you love The Goonies, Lean On Me, and have a strong passion for nostalgia; I can’t imagine you not totally falling in love with the AV Club of Hawkins Elementary School.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Before Alexis Lee ever had Harry Potter, she had Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy was my ultimate role model as a little girl, I mean come on she was a cheerleader that slayed vampires…HELLO!!! Making a television show into a movie…they thought it would never work. 7 seasons and 144 episodes later Joss Whedon proved that not only could it work but it would be one of the most coveted fan series ever created. This is the only show on this list that I didn’t binge on using Netflix, I watched every single episode live on TV. It was my favorite show growing up and lucky for all of you all 7 seasons are on Netflix. It is my most favorite television show that ever existed, and I doubt that will ever change. So, if you have never seen it or itching from some Scooby Gang antics I highly reccomend Buffy to the seriously committed bing watcher. Just know that after watching Buffy you might have urges to locate your towns local Hell Mouth.


Netflix Binge List

The past two weeks of travel, fun, and relaxation have been wonderful; but it feels great to be back! I decided to share a Netflix watch list with you guys. During my vacation I got to catch up on all of my favorite shows, but I also got to start some new ones. This list is going to steer clear of shows like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards because I’m sure someone at some point this summer has told you to watch the obvious. I took some time to pick my top 5 favorite new obscure shows, all of the shows can be found on Netflix (If you don’t have Netflix…it’s time to make a change in your life). So with no further ado I give all of you lovely humans my five favorites!

If you love Sci-fi and intricate hard to follow story lines I highly recommend the Netflix series Sense8. There is currently only one season of the show, but I can promise you after the first episode you will be hooked. I won’t even try to delve into the plot, seeing how layered and complicated it is. But, if you enjoy shows that leave you on the very edge of your seat and are filled with inexplicable action and tension you need to give Sense8 a chance.

Netflix has finally taken the plunge and dove into the cooking show industry. But, with Netflix being Netflix they weren’t just going to produce some sub par average cooking show. Cooked is a cooking science show that is a hybrid between National Geographic and the History Channel. Each episode highlights an element of cooking, as an example the first episodes theme is fire. Cooked takes you all over the globe in an effort to show how the art of cooking and use of the highlighted element impacts the lives of everyone who uses it. I suggest watching cooked after a few puffs of green, due to the gorgeous HD imagery and photography used in every episode.

If you are in need of some super hero antics I highly recommend Arrow. No Summer downtime watchlist should ever be without a little dose of hero vs. villain. Arrow is a show that can be watched live on the CW but I stumbled upon it via Netflix. Three seasons are available on Netflix, so this show is totally bingeable (nothing more perfect than a solid summer Netflix binge). Arrow is about a very wealthy heir who falls victim to a yacht accident and is stranded on an island for many years until he is finally rescued. Except our wealthy heir does not come back the same, he comes back as a bow and arrow wielding vigilante. You will have to watch the rest for yourself, but I promise every episode has a perfect amount of action and nostalgic super hero one liners to keep you entertained.

2.Black Mirror
This series is overlooked by many due to its origins being across the pond. Black Mirror was originally adapted by the BBC, but after Netflix saw its potential they continued to produce it. Black Mirror can be watched in any order because its a story anthology, (that basically means each episode is its own story and nothing carries over to other episodes) I’m so used to watching shows in order this was a fun change. Black Mirror basically shows us scenarios in the future of our world where technology takes over for the worst. Black Mirror is one of the best produced shows I have ever seen, and every time I watch an episode I am in totally mind fucked by the scenario they have depicted. If you love technology and conspiracy theories than Black Mirror is perfect for you.

1.Bob’s Burgers
Bob’s burgers is by far the best show I have discovered this Summer. First and foremost no Summer is complete without a solid cartoon to always have resting in the wings. Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon that follows a family trying to stay afloat running their burger joint together. The characters are hysterical, every plot of every episode is ridiculous, and everyone in the show constantly breaks out in song. Now if these aren’t the perfect ingredients for a cartoon, then I don’t know what is. I made it my number one because it has truly been the best find of the Summer. You can’t compare Bob’s Burgers to South Park or Family Guy, this show is in a total category of its own.

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